Hello and welcome on our website. We fell in love with the Bassethound after giving our Stoffel a warm welcome at our home, this was in 2009. We started breeding dogs in 2018 and since then it’s our most favorite hobby. From birth to moving out to a new Basset lovers happens in our living room. We communicate very open toward new owners and screen everyone that contacts us for buying a new puppy.

Below some pictures that say more than thousand words. Please contact us if there are any questions with regards to Bassethounds or if you would like to know if puppies are available.

Looking forward meeting you!

Greetings from Eefje Vinken, Rob IJpelaar and Yinthe IJpelaar

Eefje, Yinthe and Baas
Can’t help that I am sooo long
Takkie and Pooh, partners in crime
Mamaloe and Rob
Puppies, always fun
This water is so delicious
Chill below the peach tree
Mamaloe takes with her litter
Mike & Gary, kids from Takkie
So exhausting puppies
Lewis his lazy afternoon
Tipsy and her daughter Halla
I am a photo model
What are you looking at